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SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation
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The institution identifies expected outcomes, assesses the extent to which it achieves these outcomes, and provides evidence of improvement based on analysis of the results in each of the following areas (Institutional Effectiveness):  community/public service within its educational mission, if appropriate

Off-Site Committee Comments

Troy University has an Institutional Planning and Effectiveness process that uses Dashboard for its Performance Effectiveness Reports (PER).  While the university stated that each PER contains an area for every community and public service area which describes the purpose of that area, its relationship to the mission, expected outcomes, and assessment data.  There is evidence provided that the public radio network and the cable television channel does indeed have a PER and the compliance report provides samples of how the assessments have led the improvement of these two areas.  However, there is no evidence provided that the other instance of community service listed, [such as] the Rosa Park’s Children Wing, has developed any PER.   Additionally, there was not sufficient documentation to indicate that the results of the assessments were used to improve the Community/Public Service areas.


Troy University provides for assessment of community service activities through the use of Performance Evaluation Reports (PERs) that are posted in the institution’s Dashboard system.

Each PER provides a statement regarding how the community service activity relates to the mission of the University, what expected outcomes are established for the community service activity, and evidence of whether the expected outcomes are being achieved.

Troy University is pleased to provide a variety of community and public services, most notably, the public radio station, the Rosa Parks Museum, the historic Davis Theatre, and the operation of the city of Montgomery’s Planetarium.  The off-site team noted the Performance Effectiveness Report (PER) for the public radio service. Additional Performance Effectiveness Reports for the Rosa Parks Museum, the Davis Theatre, and the Planetarium are provided with this Focused Report. These PERs explain the relationship of the community service activity to the mission of the University, identify the expected outcomes for each community service activity, and provide assessment data used to evaluate each activity in terms of its expected outcomes.

It should be noted that the PER for the Rosa Parks Museum is for the operation of the entire museum.  The Children’s Wing is a sub-unit of the museum that includes the national award–winning exhibit on the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

As the PERs show, the assessment process has helped to make many improvements to these community service areas.  Feedback from listeners to Troy University’s public radio station (which reaches one-third of the population of Alabama and into southwest Georgia and the Florida panhandle) impacts programming decisions each year. 

The Rosa Parks Museum uses a variety of methods to assess its various program offerings.  When conducting seminars such as the Civil Rights Education Summit, museum staff members complete evaluations that are used by the planning committee in planning and improving the next year’s program.  Evaluation of programs at the Rosa Parks Museum has improved the program for bringing scholars in to teach workshops to teachers. Feedback from the Alabama Association of the Deaf, the Alabama Black Deaf Advocates, and the Alabama Chapter of the Gallaudet University Alumni Association has led to plans to improve access to exhibits for the deaf population.

Assessment of programs and planning at the Davis Theatre provides survey feedback on patron satisfaction with the facilities and programs and has led to plans to install a new sound system in the building as an improvement. 

The Planetarium uses a feedback system from patrons that has resulted in plans for improvement in signage on the interstate to assist out-of-town visitors with finding the planetarium.

Troy University respectfully finds that is in compliance with this comprehensive standard.


Supporting Documentation Location
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Last Updated: 01/25/2009