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SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation
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3.4.1 The institution demonstrates that each educational program for which academic credit is awarded is approved by the faculty and the administration. (Academic program approval)

Off-Site Committee Comments

Troy University presents clear process for academic program approval including review and sign off by program chair, college curriculum committee, college dean, and institutional academic and enrollment leadership.  Faculty members have a clearly outlined role and responsibility to be involved in program review and evaluation, as noted in institution documents including the Faculty Handbook. The University should explicitly affirm that these policies apply to all programs in all locations and formats.


Troy University appreciates the recognition of the off-site committee that the University has a clear process in place for academic program approval. Troy University explicitly affirms that this process applies to all of its academic programs in all of its locations and formats.

As additional evidence, the following copies of routing slips are provided. These routing slips are used to control the initiation of academic programs and any changes to those programs. No curriculum changes, at any Troy University location, are made without following the specific standardized process described in the routing attachments. The documents include examples of:

In conclusion, Troy University respectfully finds that it is in compliance with this comprehensive standard.


Supporting Documentation Location
Adding an Existing Academic Program to a New Location
Addition of a Minor
Addition of a New Concentration to a Major
Addition of a New Course to a Graduate Program
Addition of a New Course to a Major
Addition of a New Course to a Minor
Addition of a New Major
Addition of a Prerequisite
Change in Progression Policy
Change in a Course Description Sample 1
Change in a Course Description Sample 2
Change in Course Numbers
Modification of an Existing Graduate Program
Modification of an Existing Undergraduate Program


Last Updated: 01/25/2009