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SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation
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3.5.4 At least 25 percent of the discipline course hours in each major at the baccalaureate level are taught by faculty members holding the terminal degree—usually the earned doctorate—in the discipline, or the equivalent of the terminal degree. (Terminal degrees of faculty)

Off-Site Committee Comments

Of the baccalaureate programs reviewed, only the Criminal Justice program had less than the minimum 25% of courses taught by faculty with a terminal degree in the discipline. That program had 23 percent of its discipline courses taught by faculty holding the terminal degree. While the institution has identified a solution to this problem and offers an approach to closely monitor this in the future, this solution has not been implemented.


Troy University is committed to the resolution of Comprehensive Standard 3.5.4 for all of its baccalaureate programs. As noted by the off-site committee, the University self-reported its partial compliance with this comprehensive standard based on the criminal justice program in which 23% of discipline courses were taught by faculty holding the terminal degree.

As noted in the Compliance Report, the University has initiated several steps to address specific needs in the criminal justice program as well as to provide an annual review for strategic planning purposes so that all baccalaureate programs remain at or above the 25% line.

To address the specific needs in the criminal justice program, the University initiated several searches for terminally-degreed faculty. Based on information provided by the Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as the Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences on the Troy campus, on-campus interviews for these positions are scheduled for late January, 2009. Additionally, on-campus interviews are scheduled for a terminally-degreed criminal justice faculty member for the University’s Global Campus. The results of these searches will be available for review by the on-site committee members at the time of their visit to the Troy campus in April, 2009.

Troy University respectfully finds that, with the implementation of the remedies noted above, it is in compliance with this comprehensive standard.


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