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2.3 The institution has a chief executive officer whose primary responsibility is to the institution and who is not the presiding officer of the board. (See Commission policy “Core Requirement 2.3: Documenting an Alternate Approach.”) (Chief Executive Officer)
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Troy University is in compliance with this report.

The Code of Alabama Section 16-56-6 states that “the board of trustees shall appoint a chancellor who shall serve as the chief executive officer of the university system and as secretary to the board and shall perform all services as may be required by the board.”

The Chancellor of Troy University is Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr., appointed by the Board of Trustees on Sept. 1, 1989 and reappointed most recently on Oct. 1, 2006 through Sept. 30, 2010. (Board of Trustee Resolution, Nov. 21, 2006) Because the Board is responsible for Troy University (referring to all campuses and locations of the University) and because the Board appoints the Chancellor as chief executive officer, the Chancellor has primary responsibility for the operation of Troy University.

The Troy University Faculty Handbook provides the Chancellor's job description as follows:

1.2.2 Chancellor
It is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees to select the chief executive officer—the Chancellor—and to set forth those duties and responsibilities. As the chief executive officer of the institution, the Chancellor supervises and directs the affairs of Troy University. It is the duty of the Chancellor to assure that the standards and procedures in operational use conform to the policies established by the Board of Trustees and to the standards of sound academic practice. The Chancellor shares responsibility for the definition and attainment of goals and for operating the communications system which links the various components of the Board of Trustees, other officers of administration, faculty, staff and students. The Chancellor is the chief spokesperson and representative of Troy University and works for public support and understanding. The Chancellor is largely responsible for the maintenance of existing institutional resources and the creation of new resources. In all these areas, the responsibilities of the Chancellor are to plan, organize, direct and represent. The Chancellor coordinates the administration of all operations.

The presiding officer of the Troy University Board of Trustees is the Governor of Alabama, and in his or her absence, the President pro tempore of the Board serves as the presiding officer (Bylaws of the Board of Trustees for Troy University, Article III). Hence the chief executive officer, the Chancellor, while serving as secretary for the Board, is not the presiding officer of the Board.


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