Troy University
SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation
2.4 The institution has a clearly defined, comprehensive, and published mission statement that is specific to the institution and appropriate for higher education. The mission addresses teaching and learning and, where applicable, research and public service. (Institutional Mission)
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Troy University is in compliance with this Core Requirement.

University Mission Statement

The Troy University mission statement was developed by a process involving representatives of the University and was formally reviewed and approved by the University’s Board of Trustees. The mission statement is comprehensive for all campuses and locations.

Troy University is a public institution comprised of a network of campuses throughout Alabama and worldwide. International in scope, Troy University provides a variety of educational programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels for a diverse student body in traditional, nontraditional, and emerging electronic formats. Academic programs are supported by a variety of student services which provide the welfare of the individual student. Troy University’s dedicated faculty and staff promote discovery and exploration of knowledge and its application to life-long success through effective teaching, service, creative partnerships, scholarship and research.

The mission statement was adopted by the Board of Trustees in April, 2004.

Mission Statement Published and Disseminated

The mission statement may also be found in a variety of University sources, both print and electronic. These sources include the graduate and undergraduate catalogs, the Faculty Handbook, and the ePolicy Manual, all posted on the Troy University Web site.

Mission Statement is Appropriate to an Institution of Higher Education

The mission statement addresses priorities that are consistent with peer institutions and appropriate to higher education. The University’s faculty and staff promote discovery and exploration of knowledge through effective teaching, service, creative scholarship and research. Global in perspective, the mission statement reflects the University’s commitment to a diverse student body, student success, lifelong learning, and a global outlook.

Distinctiveness of the Institution and Its Values

Troy University is distinctive in its emphasis on access to affordable higher education for a diverse population of students (traditional college age students, adult learners, and international students). The institution was a pioneer in responding to the higher education needs of military personnel and maintains a leadership role in this area. Troy University exhibits a strong value of responsiveness to changing educational needs, particularly in the areas of providing access through distance learning and collaborative programs that promote a global outlook, while tightly controlling costs to keep higher education affordable. Troy University places a high value on accountability and is an early adopter of the Voluntary System of Accountability.

Review of Mission Statement

The mission statement is reviewed on a recurring basis related to the development and implementation of the University’s five-year planning cycle. The next formal review of the University’s mission statement will be in advance of the adoption of the University’s 2010-2015 Strategic Plan.



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Faculty Handbook, 2005 Edition
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