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SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation
2.11.2 The institution has adequate physical resources to support the mission of the institution and the scope of its programs and services. (Physical Resources)
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Troy University is in compliance with this Core Requirement.

Troy University has adequate physical resources to support the mission of the institution and scope of its programs and services. The Troy campus was designed by the Olmstead Brothers of Brookline, Mass. in the early 20th century and consists of a variety of academic buildings, residence halls, a library, and support facilities. The Dothan campus consists of three modern academic buildings which includes excellent library facilities.

The Phenix City campus likewise consists of three modern academic buildings, with plans in the developmental stages for a significant additional facility in the downtown area. The Montgomery campus, located in downtown Montgomery, includes major academic buildings in addition to the Rosa Parks Library and Museum and the Davis Theatre, along with classroom facilities on the Maxwell Air Force Base. Total Troy University facility space exceeds two million square feet and is reported each year to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education. The Fall 2007 Facilities Inventory Report to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE) is attached.

Troy University maintains additional classrooms and offices for advising and student support in multiple locations supported through its Global Campus. Many of these facilities are on military installations, although the trend has been to move classrooms off of military bases since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. In most cases, Troy University leases these locations.

The institution is constantly in the process of improving the existing physical resources while at the same time planning and expanding its physical infrastructure to meet academic and program needs.

Below is a summary from the current facilities master plan, by division, of items completed or projects currently in progress on the Alabama campuses:

  • Street Modifications and Development
  • Campus Entry Points
    • Portals established at the intersections of University Avenue and George Wallace (east entry) and University Avenue and Folmar Street (west entry)
    • New signage around Montgomery campus
    • Landscaping to entrance at Dothan
  • Parking System Modifications and Projects
    • Parking area modified north of Malone Hall and perimeter road access changed – scheduled summer 2008
    • Parking expanded south of Clements Hall
    • Parking expanded next to the golf course pro shop (heating plant location)
    • Tennis courts converted, east of Luther Drive, into a parking area
    • New parking area established between Collegeview School of Nursing and Clements Hall
    • New 248 parking lot at Dothan
  • Pedestrian Corridor Development
    • Bibb Graves quad development project
  • Pedestrian Crossings
    • Major pedestrian crossings are identified with vinyl markings/painting. Major crossings are scheduled to be upgraded in 2008 with campus road and parking improvements project
  • Plaza Development
    • Troy campus plaza at Bibb Graves Quad
  • Building Systems
    • Building of storage space (1,000 square feet) within the transportation building located at the Physical Plant
  • Open Space System and Landscaping System Programs
    • Clements Hall landscaping and irrigation improvements
    • Alumni Hall landscaping improvements
    • Stewart Hall landscaping and irrigation improvements
    • Luther Drive/University Avenue intersection landscaping and irrigation improvements
    • Pace Hall landscaping and irrigation improvements
    • Bibb Graves Quad landscaping and irrigation improvements
    • Collegeview School of Nursing landscaping and irrigation improvements
    • Pace Hall flag plaza landscaping and irrigation improvements – 2008
    • Eldridge Hall landscaping and irrigation improvements – 2008
    • Hamil Hall irrigation improvements – 2008
    • Trojan Center irrigation improvements – 2008
    • Malone Hall landscaping and irrigation improvements – 2008
  • Lighting System and Utility Extension
    • Development of campus, five-phase strategy for upgrading all electrical service to the campus, including exterior lighting, while relocating all aerial lines underground
    • Additional lighting on Dothan Quad
    • Phase I and II of strategy for upgrading campus electrical service implemented
    • Replaced HVAC in Bartlett Hall
    • HVAC modifications to Adams Hall (Dothan)
  • Land Acquisition
    • The University is finalizing the transference of property usage for the southern portion of the golf course to the Arboretum so that this area may be used for future building expansion of the campus
    • Purchase of three properties for future expansion in Montgomery
  • Building Demolition
    • Dill Hall (construction site of new Education Building)

In addition to the items identified within the master plan the following projects have also been completed.

  • Relocated entire Computer Science Department at Gunter Air Force Base
  • Lighting improvements at Shackelford Hall Quad
  • Campus bookstore plaza development
  • Pace Hall international student plaza development
  • Security cameras at Dothan and Montgomery
  • “Thinker” statue plaza development
  • Renovation of Clements Hall housing (35,916 square feet)
  • Construction of Trojan Village student housing complex (202,000 square feet)
  • Construction of General Academic Building (39,000 square feet)
  • Renovated exterior of Davis Theatre in Montgomery
  • Renovation of exterior of Whitley Hall (Montgomery)
  • Renovation of east wing of Smith Hall (20,000 square feet)
  • Renovation of Eldridge Hall (20,000 square feet)
  • Addition of new campus bookstore (5,000 square feet)
  • Replaced computer lab at Ft. Rucker
  • Renovation/expansion of Trojan Student Center food court (25,000 square feet)
  • Expansion of football stadium (100,000 square feet)
  • Construction of new track and field facility
  • Addition of campus transit system for students (Troy)
  • Construction of new Education Building (100,000 square feet) in 2008
  • Expansion of baseball stadium and field improvements (10,000 square feet)
  • Grand opening of Children's Wing at Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery

Troy University is fortunate to have beautiful and well-maintained physical facilities to support the mission of the institution and considers itself to be in full compliance with this requirement.


Supporting Documentation Location
Facilities Inventory Report Fall 2007
Facilities Master Plan


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