Troy University
SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation
3.2.7 The institution has a clearly defined and published organizational structure that delineates responsibility for the administration of policies. (Organizational structure)
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Troy University is in compliance with this Comprehensive Standard.

The organizational structure of the institution is published annually in the Troy University Fact Book. The organization and administration of the University are explained in the University Organization and Administration section, and Troy University's organizational charts are shown in pages 3-10, beginning with the Board of Trustees and continuing through University College (renamed Global Campus in 2008).

The organizational structure and administration of Troy University are further explained in Sections 1.2 through 1.5 in the 2005 edition of the Troy University Faculty Handbook. The organizational and administrative structures are also available in the Troy University 2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog, p. 179 and the Troy University 2007-2008 Graduate Catalog, p. 216. Section 100 Policy of Troy University's ePolicy Manual clearly explains how institutional policies are made, reviewed at various administrative levels and approved. 


Supporting Documentation Location
ePolicy Manual
Faculty Handbook, 2005 Edition
Graduate Catalog, 2007-2008
Troy University Fact Book 2007
Undergraduate Catalog, 2007-2008


Last Updated: 08/26/2008