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SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation
3.12.1 The institution notifies the Commission of changes in accordance with the substantive change policy and, when required, seeks approval prior to the initiation of changes. (Substantive change)
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Troy University is in compliance with this Comprehensive Standard.

Troy University places a very high priority on maintaining superior integrity in notifying the Commission in accordance with the substantive change policy and is consistent in seeking approval prior to the initiation of changes.

For many years, Troy University has expanded its presence into multiple locations in the United States and overseas, primarily to support students seeking bachelor’s and master’s degrees at U.S. military bases around the world.

The Troy University 2007 – 2008 Institutional Planning and Effectiveness Handbook provides direction on notification to the Commission in Part II – Reporting and Notification of Changes Concerning Academic Programs.

Development of a New Academic Program (pages 20 – 21) provides direction on new programs offered outside of Alabama at SACS-approved locations that would require a Substantive Change Proposal with SACS.

Offering an Existing Program in a New Location (page 22) provides direction on Letters of Notification and Letters of Intent that TROY requires be sent to SACS when we are developing plans to establish a new location.

Placing a Program on Inactive Status, Deleting a Program, or Closing a Site (page 24) provides direction on notification that TROY requires be sent to SACS concerning discontinuing programs at sites outside of Alabama and initiation of Teach Out agreements.

Requirements for a Substantive Change Prospectus for SACS (page 28) provides direction regarding the content and timing for Substantive Change Prospectuses.

Over the years, Troy University has submitted over 280 Substantive Change Proposals to SACS and maintains hard copies of all of these in the Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness. Additionally, TROY maintains written documentation of the Letters of Intent for these substantive changes, along with correspondence from SACS that has provided approval for each substantive change.

The status of substantive changes through 2004 was reviewed by SACS in 2005 as part of the massive Substantive Change that was submitted and approved by SACS for the consolidation of the separately accredited campuses (Troy – Phenix City, Dothan, Montgomery).

For the purpose of this reaffirmation of accreditation, Troy University provides the following evidence of notification of changes to SACS prior to the initiation of changes. Table One – Substantive Change Requests 2005 – 2008 provides a list of all changes that fall under the SACS substantive change policy since the 2004 SACS consolidation review at Troy University. This table provides the date for the Letter of Intent, the date of submission of the Substantive Change, the date of the approval letter from SACS, and the date of the implementation of the change.

In addition to maintaining a robust system for submitting substantive changes, TROY also maintains a high level of commitment to sending Letters of Notification regarding changes that do not require a substantive change but which are important for keeping SACS fully informed regarding Troy University’s actions. Table Two – Letters of Notification 2005 – 2008 provides a list of all Letters of Notification sent to SACS regarding smaller changes at the institution.

Based on the evidence in these two tables, Troy University it is in full compliance with this requirement.


Supporting Documentation Location
Institutional Planning and Effectiveness (IP & E) Handbook, 2007-2008, Revised 11-15-2007
SACS Letter of Intent
SACS Letters of Notification


Last Updated: 08/22/2008