Troy University
SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation
4.2 The institution’s curriculum is directly related and appropriate to the purpose and goals of the institution and the diplomas, certificates, or degrees awarded. (Program curriculum)
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Troy University is in compliance with this Federal Requirement.

The mission statement of the University, which follows, guides its curriculum:

“Troy University is a public institution comprised of a network of campuses throughout Alabama and worldwide. International in scope, Troy University provides a variety of educational programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels for a diverse student body in traditional, nontraditional, and emerging electronic formats. Academic programs are supported by a variety of student services which promote the welfare of the individual student. Troy University’s dedicated faculty and staff promote discovery and exploration of knowledge and its application to life-long success through effective teaching, service, creative partnerships, scholarship, and research."

Troy University’s curriculum, standardized across all campuses and locations and documented in detail in Comprehensive Standard 3.4.5, embodies the institutional mission in the delivery of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Troy University students enjoy the opportunity to select from several hundred different program offerings as undergraduate and graduate students.

This curriculum is appropriate for the awarding of the degrees and certificates offered by Troy University. These offerings are reviewed both internally and externally through the Alabama Commission on Higher Education, Alabama State Department of Education and specialized accreditation agencies.


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Comprehensive Standard 3.4.5


Last Updated: 08/22/2008