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SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation
4.6 Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution’s practices and policies. (Recruitment materials)
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Troy University’s recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the University’s practices, policies and academic programs, as well as its accredited status with the Southern Association of College and Schools, and the University exercises appropriate institutional control over such materials and presentations, therefore Troy University is in compliance with Federal Requirement 4.6.

Accurate representations in recruitment materials

A comprehensive review of recruitment materials, including academic catalogs, Power Point presentations, Web sites, view books and more, was conducted by a faculty committee during academic year 2007-08. This review identified no examples of University materials that assure employment, that misrepresent job placement or abilities required, that provide money or inducements for attendance, or that otherwise provide inaccurate information regarding the University. The following recruitment materials were reviewed: (Note that the University College division was renamed Global Campus by action of the Troy University Board of Trustees in 2008. Therefore, advertisements and related promotional pieces shown here will refer to this division by both names.)

Institutional control over recruitment materials

Section 900 of the Troy University ePolicy Manual contains the University’s approved policies for marketing and communication. The following excerpt from the ePolicy Manual describes how the University ensures that its recruitment materials, presentations and related publications accurately represent the institution:

907 Publicity

The Chancellor of the University and appropriate designees are authorized to speak with the public and the representatives of the media to promote and inform about the Board of Trustees and Troy University (i.e., policy matters, serious incidents, controversial topics, etc.).

908 University Publications

All official publications shall be published only under authority of the Chancellor or his/her designee.

909 Statement of Accreditation of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

When referring to the University’s status of recognition by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the accredited status should be stated according to the SACS guidelines.

910 Advertising and Marketing

910.1 All advertising and marketing activities must be coordinated and approved through the Office of Marketing. All Alabama campus advertising media plan items must be paid through the Office of Marketing and Communication. All University College sites advertising media plan items are paid through the appropriate region. Any change to the approved media plans must be funded and approved by the appropriate campus/site and approved by the Office of Marketing and Communication. All advertising costs must adhere to the Troy University Contractual, Financial, and Personnel Authority Levels (Jan 27, 2004). (Approved by Chancellor’s April 23, 2004, review as needed)

910.2 The Troy University Style and Graphics Standards Manual, which details the Troy University graphic standards program, is to be used in the preparation of all marketing and communication materials (Chancellor’s Office June 2004, review as needed) (June 2004 letter).

910.3 All trademarks and logos of the University constitute the property of the University. All use of trademarks or logos must be authorized by the Chancellor or by his/her designees.

910.4 Information published electronically must follow the same high standards as other forms of official publications.

The Troy University Style and Graphics Standards Manual as well as additional guide and identity requirements, are provided on the Marketing and Communications division Web site. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Marketing and Communication is charged with implementing and monitoring these policies and describes her role as follows:

We strive for consistency, quality and continuity for the TROY appearance per our style and graphics standards manual in brochures, online initiatives, direct mail pieces, posters, advertisements – in every aspect around the world. With our advertising agency Hambright, Calcagno and Downing (HCD), the marketing office uses a tool called a media plan to ensure where campuses/sites are advertising and the dollar amounts expended. There are 41 campus/site recruiting media plans – and there may be two to 15 sites on one plan. These media plans are made prior to each budget year and the marketing office approves and monitors these plans. Another tool we use with campuses/sites is an online media library that houses approved materials that may be used without additional approval.

All radio and television paid advertisements must only be created by HCD. To create printed advertisements for placement in media, a campus/site may use HCD, (Troy University’s in-house) Creative Services, or (Troy University’s in-house) DTI. Our office must review and approve all new materials (even headlines). HCD is the only agency allowed to place media. We monitor all advertising, and I am copied on every email that HCD sends to TROY personnel, generating over 1,500 emails a month. In addition, the marketing office receives tear sheets (print ads) every month that we review for Alabama campuses and other tear sheets outside Alabama are delivered to appropriate personnel for their review. If a non-approved ad or media placement occurs, the appropriate personnel are educated on these policies and procedures.

In addition, a promotion policy was just passed (May, 2008) from the Chancellor’s Cabinet, which our vendors will adhere to with promotional items. Our licensing agency and the Director of Auxiliary Services help in monitoring the approved use of TROY’s graphics and word marks found in the Style and Graphics Standards Manual.

In summary, Troy University’s recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the University, and the University ensures institutional control over such materials and presentations. Troy University is in compliance with Federal Requirement 4.6.


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